"Never tell anyone any more to be a Christian. Always tell them to be a Christ." WT Stead

Number 1 Volume I..........Tuesday, 10th February, 1998..........First Published Dec. 1903 until Feb. 9th 1904




In December, 1903, WT Stead launched the 'Daily Paper', and idea he had had for a long time. Unfortunately it lasted only until February 9th, 1904.


The purpose of this page, is to inform and educate those of us who might wish to pursue the Life, Career, Spirituality and ethos of a great man.

Stead was a journalist who endeavoured to spread the word of internationalism in its broadest sense. I am constantly reminded of a song by Blue Mink in the late 60's entitled "Melting Pot". This was, I believe, the essence of what William Thomas Stead was about. There are those of us (indeed many of us) who believe that this is the only way that Man will survive until the sun swallows the Earth (depending on your belief).

He is much needed today.

Millions of people all over the planet are allowing themselves to be controlled by others, who have only a vested interest in themselves, (although they may pretend and go to great lengths to try to prove otherwise).

I do not want this vehicle of Stead's to become my sounding board. I want this particular page to be a meeting ground for those who want friendship without control; free speech for those with a universal outlook and not one restricted by religious beliefs or those that may offend others. It must be positive.

Because of the WT Stead pages, I have been fortunate enough to have received e-mails from a lot of people who are, or claim to be relatives of WT Stead. I would like them to be able to contact each other through this page. This is how I see the page starting, at least. I also the hope that by doing so, we may piece together facts about Stead which may not be known to any of us except through this page.

If nothing else, this page may help some-one. That is my desire. To have or give support to some-one is the greatest gift one can bestow.

If you feel that you have anything to contribute to this page (or any other) then please feel free to contact me.

If you would like a link to a relevant site or page, please let me know.

This page is not necessarily for Stead 'fans' or relations. If you found this page by any of the methods open to 'Net surfers, your comments, input is vital. I MEAN VITAL! William Thomas Stead tried to make life bearable for everyone. Every girl at Fourteen must be grateful that they might not be sold for gain; that they have a say in their own affairs.

This aspect is only one of the many influences he had on our lives. Follow this page to find out more.

Peter K Sharpen

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Prof. Frank Ley

Mike Anderson

Joyce Phillips

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