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"Things are not always meant to go right; they are meant to wrong; thus do we learn."
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This page is dedicated to William Thomas Stead (1849 - 1912)

There has been much written by him and about him, especially as to his career.

My main concern is with the family Stead as I am part of it (Page 3) but I have also included (Page 4) a timeline relating to his career.

The reason that I am publishing this page is to herald his great work, to acquire further data on this great man and to help others searching. As Stead was a famous (some would say 'infamous'!) journalist up to his death in the Titanic on his way to a peace conference in America, I am sure that he would appreciate his page on the World Wide Web keeping free-speech alive.

If you would like to contribute to this page or if there is information you require, then please e-mail me, I will try to help.

Researchers, Please Note:

I am receiving increasing numbers of e-mails from folks wishing to find out specific information about Stead. Please follow ALL the links to other pages to find out if it is available. This will save us all time and expense. Young students (Age 0 -100+), bless you, should make notes of items of interest and then ask questions.

Due to a growing number of requests about WT Stead as a possible relative and for my purpose of finding out where I come into the picture, I would be grateful for the following information, which MUST be given on a voluntary basis (the more, the better).

These details are required for each person mentioned as far as possible and where relevant.

There must be a starting point.


Use this formula for each person in the family, it will be easier to correlate data.

1. Enter your name or the name of the person who begins the family tree as far as you are aware of.

2. Fill out as much as you know.

3. If nothing is known, please put n/a (not available).

4. Use the formula for each person named in the formula.

5. You may cut/paste the formula into a word processor.



Family Name (or nee if Stead): [Stead

Other name/s: [

Date of Birth (da/mo/yr): [

Place of Birth (Town/Country): [

Date of Death (da/mo/yr): [

Place of Death: [

Mother's Name (and nee): [

Father's Name: [

Children names: [

Occupation: [

Any other details (or stories): [



If the above formula can be of any use or help to anyone else for any reason excepting use for gain or control then please feel free to copy the text, I relinquish any copyright.

If, by pure chance, I have breached anyone else's copyright, please let me know, I will remove this information.

More Important:

If the above can be modified in any way to be more accurate or helpful to others, please let me know.



Page Two - Pictures

Page Three - Family History

Page Four - WT Stead's Time-Line

Page Five - His interest in Spiritualism

Page Six - Daily Paper

Page Seven - The American Connection and beyond...

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