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WT Stead - his interest in spiritualism

According to his daughter, Estelle W. Stead in her book "My Father: Personal and Spiritual Reminiscences", WT Stead discovered in 1892 his ability to write 'automatically'. (It is obvious, by deduction, that his interest in 'spirituality' extended before this time; deduction: Sharpen). Stead met Madame H.P. Blavatsky ( and Annie Besant (1847-1933). Blavatsky was the originator with Col. Olcott (1875) in New York, USA of the Theosophical Society.

Stead wrote many letters 'through' the spirits of the dead and the living. He was, with Julia Ames, the instigator of the 'Julia Bureau'.

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The above information is gleaned from many sources, all of which I acknowledge, along with their Copyright.


"My Father" by Estelle W. Stead (Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1913)

"The Life of WT Stead" by Frederic Whyte ( Jonathan Cape Limited, 1925)

Particular thanks go to:

Prof. J.O.Baylen, Frederic Whyte and Estelle Stead from their respective books. My thanks also extend to those on the WWW who have contributed to my knowledge of this great man. These include: Rob Stead, Richard Stead, John Stephenson, Shelagh Mason, Frank Ley, Rebecca Brooke and others who have written on a quest.

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