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The WT Stead Family Tree

Thomas Stead was born ? and died 27th March, 1743. He was born at Ilkley. He was a butcher. He married Rebecca who was born ? and died 11th March, 1733 at Ilkley. They had seven children: 1. Mary who was christened 2nd January, 1695 at Ilkely and died 3rd January,1780 at Addingham, Yorkshire. 2. George was born 11th August, 1698 at Ilkley and died 18th December, 1723 at Ilkley. 3. Maugerit was born 10th January, 1700 at Ilkley. 4. John was born 3rd August, 1705 at Ilkley. 5. William was born 5th August, 1705 at Ilkley. 6. Rebecca was born 14th March, 1707 at Ilkley. 7. Thomas was born 18th May, 1709 at Ilkley. He was a laborour and butcher and lived at ?Austby. He married Ann LISTER on 13th November, 1739 at Ilkley and they lived at Austby. They had two children: 1. John was born 7th September, 1740 at Ilkley and died 26th April, 1803. He was a clogger (?made clogs). He married Elizabeth BRUMBIE (? originally from Skipton) on the 8th September, 1765 at Adingham. They had one child: 1. Ann who was born 29th November, 1779 and who was christened 24th February, 1780 at Addingham. Ann had a son: 1. Thomas who was christened 27th February, 1803 and died 2nd February, 1808 at Addingham. 2.George was born 16th July, 1744 at Addingham and died at ?Crookes, Sheffield. He was a husbandman and farmer. He married Betty LAYCOCK on 30th November, 1775at Addingham. They had three children: 1.Mary was born 18th April, 1783 and christened 6th July at Addingham. 2.Joseph was born 13th February, 1786 at Addingham and christened 9th April, 1786 and died 21st September, 1869 at Ecclesall, North Sheffield. He was married to Mary IBBERSON on 21st May, 1809 at St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield. They had four children: 1.Anne was born 24th June, 1812, christened 24th July, 1812 and died 26th September, 1894 at Fulwood. 2.Elizabeth was christened 3rd September, 1817 at St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield. She died 12th July, 1896 and was burried at Ossington. She married William GARRETT who was a game- keeper and farmer. 3.George 4.Henry 3.Thomas was born 6th October, 1778, christened 1st November, 1778 at Addingham and died 1832 at ?Sheffield. He was a grinder and lived at Crookes, Sheffield. He married ?Sarah who was born 1781, at Bradfield, Yorkshire. They had three children: 1.John was born at Sheffield and christened 24th January, 1808 at St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield. He was a cutler. He married ?Ann who was born 1813 at Hallam. 2. Joseph was born 13th February, 1786 at Addingham, christened 9th April, 1786 and died 21st September, 1869 at Eccleshall, North Sheffield. He was a grinder and farmer. He married ?Mary IBBERSON on 21st May, 1809 at St. Peter's Cathedral. They had two children: 1.Ann was born 24th June, 1812, christened 24th July, 1812 at St. Peter's Cathedral and died 26th September, 1894 at Fulwood. She was a ladies maid to Mrs. Mary Shore at Tapton Grove, Sheffield (Florence Nightingale's grandmother). She married John CRESWICK. 2. Elizabeth was christened on 3rd September, 1817 at St. Peter's Cathedral and died 12th July, 1896 and burried at Ossington. She married William GARRETT who was a game-keeper and farmer. 3. William was born 23rd December, 1814 at Crookes, Sheffield, christened 5th February, 1815 and died 13th February, 1884 at Howden. He was burried on 16th February, 1884 at Preston Cemetery, Tyneside. He was a cutler but later became Congreg- ational Minister at Embleton (1848). He lived at Crookes, Sheffield and later Embleton Manse and moved to Howden in 1851. At Warkworth, he married Isabella JOBSON, who was born 18th April, 1824, christened 20th April, 1824 and died 20th July, 1875. They had nine children: 1. Mary Isabella was born 1847 and died 2nd November, 1918 at Everdon, Redcar, Yorkshire. 2. William Thomas was born 5th July, 1849 at Embleton and died 15th April, 1912 in the Titanic disaster. He married Emma Lucy WILSON, who was born 1849 and died in 1932. They lived at Willington Quay, Northumberland. They had six children: 1. William (Willie) was born 13th March, 1874 and died at 11.15pm (from blood poisoning), 14th December, 1907. Lived at Clapham Park, London. In 1897 He married Lottie ROYCE. 2. Henry/Harry was born 31st October, 1875 at Darlington and died 10th December, 1923 on the ship 'Marama' (?Melbourne, Australia). He edited the Australian Review of Reviews. In 1902 he married Jeannie MACLELLAND who was born in 1880 and died in 1939. They had three children: 1. William Henry was born 1904 and died 1940. 2. Elspeth Alexandra was born 1906. She married Arthur S. HERBERT who was born 1906 and died 1962. They had one child: 1. Jean Elizabeth. 3. Margaret Jean was born 1908 and died 1966. She was married to George Frederick KRICHAUFF who was born 1904 and died 1987. They had four children: 1. Henry was born 1935 and married Alison MURRAY. They had two children: 1. George Henry was born 1968. 2. Skye Mary Jean was born 1969. 2. Stuart Edward was born 1938 3. Peter Alfred was born 1943 4. Margaret Wendy Anderson was born 1944. 3. Alfred was born 1877 at Darlington and died 13th September, 1933 in Dresden, Germany. He was a writer and traveller. In 1901 he married ?Mary Elaine Kitterage BOWLES. They had three children: 1. Pita Married Ian BARRETT. 2. Michael. 3. William 4. Emma Wilson (Estelle) was born 23rd October, 1879 and died in Surrey in 1966. She never married. 5. John/Jack Edward was born 1883 at Wimbledon and died 1949 at Greenwich. He lectured at the naval college. He married ? and had two children: 1. Jean was born 1917 and married Douglas WILSON. They had two children: 1. Nancy born 1948. 2. Charles born 1950. 2. William Kennedy was born 1923 and lived at Flushing, Falmouth. He married May (Penny) PINNINGTON who was born 1921. They had three children: 1. Susan Treheer who was born 1947. 2. Marion Pascoe who was born 1950. 3. Richard who was born 1952. 6. Pearl was born 1889 and died 1973. She married John M GILLILAND who was born 1883 and died 1940. He was a sub-editor of the Daily Telegraph. They had two children: 1. John Roy was born in 1918 and died 1986. He married Joan C. SPECKETT who was born 1924. They had four children: 1. Paul Rory was born 1952 and married Carolyn LANCASTER. They had three children: 1. Sarah Elizabeth Joanne who was born 1979. 2. Nicola E. who was born 1981. 3. Kathryn L. who was born 1981. 2. Jennifer Ann was born 1954 and married D.R. LANGMEAD. They had two children: 1. Johannal was born 1982. 2. Kimi Nicola was born 1983. 3. Susan Margaret was born 1957 and married C.I. BRADLEY. They had three children: 1. Robert I. was born 1984. 2. John Michael was born 1985. 3. Heather Ann was born 1988. 4. Kevin John was born 1960. 2. Peggie who was born 1921. 3. John Edward was born 1851 at Howden and died 31st October, 1923. He was a metallurgist. He married Elizabeth LIVENS who was born 1857 and died 1st November, 1907. They had two children: 1. Frederick Arnold who was born 1890 and died 1930. He married Alison BURNS. 2. John Kenneth was born 1892 and died 4th February, 1917 at Billeil, France. 4. Joseph Alfred was born 1853 and died (from Scarlet Fever) 1868 at Howden. 5. Sarah Annie (Sally) was born 3rd August, 1855 at Howden and died 1896 from a heart condition. She was burried at Brookwood Cemetery, Battersea. She lived at Queen's Terrace, Coatham (1883). On 21st August, 1883 at the Presbyterian Church, Redcar, Yorkshire, she married George Richardson STRACHAN who was born 9th November, 1856 at Willington, Tynemouth and died 20th September, 1907 at Clapham Park. He was surveyor for the Town Hall Chelsea in 1888, civil engineer with a consulting room in Voctoria Street and specialised in water and drainage. He designed water and drainage for garden city Letchworth. Lived at 3, Chiswick Terrace, Turnham Green in 1883. They had two children: 1. Captain William was born 23rd May, 1885 at Chelsea and died 18th February, 1918 in France. He was a civil engineer. In 1911 he married Daphne Constance HOGBEN who was born 28th September, 1887 at 3, Poplar Grove, St. Paul, Hammersmith and died 19th February, 1973 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent (Kent & Sussex Hospitals). They had two children: 1. John Robert was born 1914 and married Cicerly GIBB. 2. Daphne June who was born 22nd May, 1916 at Barnes and died 14th January, 1984 at Southend, Essex. On 30th December, 1939 at Chelsea, she married Kenneth Edward MACKAURIN who was born 3rd September, 1915 at Ayr, Scotland and who died 1st May 1983 at Charing, Kent. They had three children: 1. Daphne Elizabeth was born 7th June, 1941. On 14th July, 1962 she married Rev. William Earnest Lionel BROAD who was born 27th March, 1940. He was a vicar. They had three children: 1. Elizabeth Jane who was born 12th December, 1964 at Guy's Hospital, London. She was a teacher. On 1st August, (at Chelmsford Registry Office), 1987 she married Clinton Philip MANN who was born 30th June, 1953 at Ipswich, Suffolk. 2. William Mark was born 9th January, 1965. 3. Simon Kenneth was born 13th January, 1967 at Sheffield. On 24th Nevember, 1990 at Southend, Essex, he married Catherine MITCHELL who was born 21st March, 1959 at Swindon. 2. Richard STRACHAN was born 1943 and married Susan DUNN. They had two children: 1. Akalia was born 1972. 2. Tyree was born 1974. 3. Jill was born 1944 and died 1944. 2. Mary Isabella was born 1887 and married Beauchamp TROTTER. They had two children: 1. Janet was born 1920 and died 1945. 2. Peggy was born 1922 and died 1950. 6. Francis Herbert was born 1857 at Howden and died 1928. He was a social worker and minister. He married Bessie MACGREGOR. They had four children: 1. Maria Thodora who was born 1889 and died 1978. 2. George Christopher who was born 1891 and died 1939. He married Elsie COLE. They had one child: 1. Peter. 3. Isobel Christine was born 1892 and died 1941. 4. Fransesca Helen was born 1896 and died 1987. 7. Henrietta Wailes was born 1859 and died 1862 at Howden. 8. Frederick Hamilton was born 1861 and died 1862. 9. Christopher Jobson was born 1863 and died 1863.

Sister: Miss Mary Stead (? Missie) (b.? d.?)

An aside:


Mr. Wright (b.?) (d?) married Jane Smout (b.?) (d.?) Daughter Emmeline Emelia Wright

Frederick Eden Stead (b.22.1.1855) (d. 6.4.1944) married Emmeline Emelia Wright (b.1857) (d.?)

They were married (Dec 29, 1877?)


Frederick Eden Stead (b. Nov 16, 1882)

William Henry Stead (b. Aug 14, 1884)

Arthur Stead (b. Aug 2, 1888)

Albert Charles Stead (b. Dec 27, 1890)

Leonard Stuart Stead (b. Oct 27, 1900)


Emmeline Emelia Stead (b. Oct 8, 1879 d.July 1886)

Harriet Florence Stead (b. March 15, 1881- Feb.1, 1968)*

Maudie Lucretia Stead (b. Oct 20, 1886)m. Theo. Brown/Braun (son Aubrey (b.)[his son, Billy b. Nov.16, 1944]

Derek Owen Stead/Brown (b.? d.?)

Lilian Stead (b. May 21, 1894) (m. Frederick ? )


Harriette Florence Stead ( Mar 15, 1881-Feb.7, 1968) married James George Winn (b. Oct 4, 1882- 1946). They were married (Sept 29, 1900?)


Willie Winn (b.? d. ?)

Leonard George Winn (b. Feb 15, 1902) (d.?)

Frederick Charles Winn (b. April 10, 1908) (d.?)


Madeline Florence Winn (b. Feb 22, 1904 d. Nov 14, 1994)

Joan Emmeline Emelia (b. Nov 16, 1919) Born at 126, West Ferry Road, Millwall at 3.00am, Monday) (My mother [Peter Kenneth Sharpen]


Leonard George Winn married Florence Wetherall (1925)

Frederick Charles married Phyllis King


Madeline Florence Winn +Arthur Frederick Hunt ( born Dec.24, 1903 -1987) They were married (Aug 15, 1926)

Son: Godfrey Arthur Hunt (b. Feb 13, 1930)


Joan Emmeline Emelia + Kenneth John Sharpen (Married Sun Dec 29, 1940 at Christchurch, Wanstead)

Son: Peter Kenneth Sharpen (b. July 5, 1944)


Hilary Joan Sharpen (b. March 30, 1943)

Linda Sharpen (b. Oct 3, 1949)

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The above information is gleaned from many sources, all of which I acknowledge, along with their Copyright.

Special thanks go to Clint Mann ("Manni Descendents Chart") as found in 'News Stead' Number 8 Spring 1996, graciously given to me by Grace Eckley.

Particular thanks go to Prof. J.O.Baylen, Frederic Whyte and Estelle Stead from their respective books.

My thanks extend to those on the WWW who have contributed to my knowledge of this great man. These include: Rob Stead, Richard Stead, John Stephenson, Shelagh Mason, Frank Ley, Rebbecca Brooke, Grace Eckley, Victor Pierce Jones and many others who have written on a quest.

If you should require further information on WT Stead, then please e-mail me.

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