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Everyone has a story.

Those people that we merely look at in the street; each one has a valuable story.

I am one of those people. I would like to contribute to the world something of what I have learned and experienced. For many years (most of my 60 years) I have been an educator, writer, painter and creative person, as all my family have been and still are. I am interested in people who write, think, whatever. And those who make music, as I also do.

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Self-esteem begins when one is wanted or needed.

(Peter K. Sharpen)


Because of the WT Stead Page, I have had numerous e-mails from people all over the world, for which I thank them. I therefore (for those interested) give below:

My Story:

I was born on July 5th, 1944 at Wanstead, England.

From an early age (12) I began to write short stories and I was always interested in drawing. I went to a very moderate school for my 'learning', went to a college for a couple of years for further 'learning', when my father decided I should go to work.

I was living in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England and had to travel by train to London (1 hour) where I worked as a shipping clerk at Killick Martin & Co. (who were agents for the Ben Line) in Mark Lane, London (1961).

m.v. Fairsea pic
I worked there and loved it. But in1963 I decided to go to Australia. My parents decided that they would also make the move and on a freezing cold day in February, we left for warmer climes. It took a month for the Fairsea to reach Fremantle (WA), where we were destined.

I liked Australia (at first) but found it difficult to get work, so I ended up working on a farm. After 3 months I had had enough. I went back to Perth and had various jobs, making friends and deciding to return to UK to 'do the overland trip' via India, which was a bit of a 'rage' in the late '60's.

I returned to England (not as I had planned), but immediately got a job in the Civil Service. I was very happy being on my own and learning to survive. I suppose I was always a 'loner'.

I went to Night School (as we called it then) and took examinations for things I had no qualifications for and then I got married. We had two beautiful girls during this short time (6 years), then my wife went her way and left me to go mine.

During my marriage, my wife thought that I had so many talents (!) that I was wasted doing what I was doing. She thought I should become a teacher. I passed the mature entrance exam and enrolled in a training college (College of All Saints which was part of London University). After three years, I emerged with a degree to teach. I trained in English and Art.

I spent two years relief teaching and ended up at a Special School for pupils with Moderate Learning difficulties in Romford. I loved this work. It enabled me to do all the things I liked to do and could therefore teach the children practical skills. I was employed originally as a relief teacher but soon spent eight happy years at this school as a full-time teacher, during which I obtained my Dip.S.E. We produced music, drama and all sorts of other things.

Eventually, being in England (with its inane behaviour) it became too much and I decided to return to Australia for the second time.

In August, 1989, after a horrendous amount of problems to try to get back into the place, I arrived back in Perth. I obtained a job in Special Education at a school in Rockingham (where I now happen to live) and for six years was very happy until I was told that I was not qualified. I was also introduced into even more inane behaviour by 'Australians' but the weather is better! Also the housing is cheaper!

I now find that I am not working for the Education Department and am struggling to start my small business of high quality colour printing, photo restoration and making audio CD's. Things went wrong for me again in Australia (no fault, no blame) but I decided that I had had enough of the place, was getting nowhere and decided to move back to Europe. Once again, as in 1957, I fell on my feet and was able, by dint of hard work and planning, to buy a house near Chesterfiled, UK., which is where I now happily reside. I am very comforted that my two daughters found me about three years ago on the Internet and discovered that I was not the person I was made out to be by my ex-wife and love me for who I am. I am also blessed with two female and one male grandchildren. I also look out across the Derbyshire Dales from my windows (pun intended!)


I would love to hear your story.

As you read mine (if you get this far you may have!) you will realise that there is a lifetime here in every sentence (and it's not over!).

However old you are, there is a lifetime's story! Therefore, if you wish to tell your story, then I will gladly listen. If you have a problem, maybe I've had that as well and may be able to help. These pages have allowed me to meet some wonderful people already, many of whom I have met and hope to meet.

I never advise people. I can only offer support. This is the most important element anyone can offer others, no matter what. And the Internet is the last bastion of Free Speech; I trust it remains so.

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